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Legendary Teacher Day

We invite you to participate in Legendary Teacher Day. We have all had teachers who made a big impact in our lives. September 25 is the day to celebrate those teachers.  Read more >>>

After School Messages

Please notify the Laguna front office when after school plans change for the day. Read more >>>

Camp Longhorn Morning Program

Laguna’s Camp Longhorn morning program is back! Beginning Monday, August 18 from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. come in and catch up on homework, read a book, play games, or enjoy other fun activities. Read more >>>


Poor attendance is the number one reason high school students drop out of school. It is extremely important your child is present at school as much as possible. Read more >>>


Welcome to the Laguna Elementary School website. We share helpful information for parents, students, teachers, and community members on this site. Helpful links for quick information about our school are found on the left. The calendar, FAQ tab, and our Staff page may also be helpful. Thank you for your interest in our school, and please remember to contact us with additional questions.

Our Principal's Message

Dear Longhorn Families,

Welcome to September! We have a lot going on at Laguna this year. Camp Longhorn has started, and I am happy to see so many kids attending each day. However, there is always room for more. Be sure to come by our office to complete an application.

GAP Ministries will continue to host a dinner the first, second, and fourth Wednesday evening of each month. We will have the third week of the month dinner on Monday. Please look for the flier around the middle of September. Many families attended the dinners during summer. It is good food, and they have activities for children of all ages. 

Our PTO needs your help! Please consider attending a meeting and/or volunteering for an event. Our first meeting is September 8 in room 22, with the remainder of PTO meetings on the first Monday of each month. Meetings always start at 2:30. This month, I will discuss our school label, and we will talk about our fundraisers for the year. Everyone is welcome and members of the PTO do speak Spanish. 

This year, we are asking parents to help their child learn at home. Learning happens in any environment, and home is a good place to build value for learning. We have two goals we are working on this year. Our first goal is to improve reading skills and we are asking that children read every day for 20 minutes. This does include weekends. Reading is important in any career your child may choose in the future. Please take some time to ask your child to tell you about the book he/she read, about the characters, what their favorite part was, and always ask why/how do you know. 

Beginning in October, you will see a family math problem for each grade level. Ask your child questions about the problem, and have your child help you learn how to solve the problem. You can ask questions about what the numbers represent, and have them show you how to solve the problem with house hold items (beans, clothes pins, rice, or toy blocks are great tools). Students who turn in their reading log and/or the math problem solving sheet will earn a prize from the office. 

We hope you have a wonderful month, and don’t forget to be awesome!

Jacqueline Camacho

Jacqueline Camacho